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    One Machine Software enables companies to meet evolving business needs with on-demand talent and advance technology applied to enterprise purpose-built platform development.

    Deep Learning, Analytics and Data Labeling

    Unleash the potential of your data and seize the right opportunities with the right intelligence!

    For deep learning we utilize artificial neural networks to learn from vast data sets, tackling complex tasks like image recognition and natural language processing. We develop Artificial Intelligence systems specifically tailored to your organization, focusing on Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. 

    High-quality data labeling further optimizes the deep learning models – we train models to understand and categorize data by annotating or tagging it with specific attributes, making it usable for AI algorithms.


    Analyze vast amounts of text (documents, emails, reviews) with NLP. High-quality labeled data ensures accurate insights, like sentiment and keyword extraction.

    Speech & Audio

    Analyze speech for tasks like speaker identification and automated transcription. Labeled data like tagged speakers and transcribed conversations unlock the potential of audio data.

    Image & Video

    Analyze images and videos for tasks like object detection and facial recognition. Accurate labeled data like bounding boxes and facial tags empower models to “see and understand the visual world.

    Data Aggregation

    By preparing you with an AI strategy, our team’s extensive experience in data integration helps you build a Data Lake. This central hub stores raw data, which our experts then curate and refine through data cleansing and semantic analysis.

    Our Unique Approach

    We kick off each engagement with deep immersion sessions to bring a design-thinking approach to the challenge at hand.

    Seeing is believing, so we create wireframes and designs to make sure that we are on the same page as your vision. No big or small detail will be missed.

    Our experience has taught us that test driven development is the most effective methodology to fully capture the scope of a project, promote iterative development for clients and engineers and achieve highest success rate in project deliveries.

    We pride ourselves in building relationships. For every project we deliver, we are there to provide support until you are 100% satisfied. Managed support is also available as an optional service.

    We understand the importance of designing for scalability to accommodate growth and evolving needs with multi-tenancy, customization, and modular design.

    Our engineers are trained and up-to-date with the latest technology stacks for complex system implementations.

    Application Across Different Industries

    QA Testing Services

    Comprehensive end-to-end testing of software and AI systems to ensure full functionality and high performance, shortening testing time and accelerating quality software release.

    Enterprise Backend Software

    Comprehensive end-to-end testing of software and AI systems ensure full functionality and high performance, shorten testing time and accelerate quality software release.

    Video Monitoring Services

    Real-time access to surveillance systems with video analytics and advanced video intelligence for advance monitoring and controlling.

    Health Insurance Verification

    Mapped out advance programming with  real time eligibility to determine coverage for services, streamline verification processes, facilitate billing and reduce the risk of bad debt associated with mislabeled accounts.

    We Work With The Best

    We are a team of industry leaders with over 21 years of experience in software publishing.

     For the past decade we have been heavily investing in machine learning, focusing in NLP and Computer Vision.

    We are excited to be at the forefront of these innovations and pride ourselves to be your on-demand tech team for demanding projects.

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    Let’s work together to build great things


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